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Star Wars Kites

From A Galaxy Far Far Away... We Bring You Star Wars Kites!

Who needs the Millenium Falcon when you have your very own kite to fly through the galaxy. Every Star Wars fans is going to love these Star Wars kites featuring some of the best characters from the series like Yoda, Darth Vader, and Clone Troopers. You don't need to be a master of the frce to build or fly a kite well, these kites are simple and all take to the sky with ease. We offer Star Wars kites in various shapes and sizes and both children and adults are going to love joining the Rebels or the Empire on a brand new adventure. Take your kite up to the sky to try and destroy the Death Star before it gets dark when you take out an amazing Star Wars Kite from our site.

There is nothing more iconic in film, movies, and toys than Star Wars. Millions upon millions of people have all seen star wars films. As a result the great people over at X-Kites decided to make Star Wars Kites. Featuring a variety of sizes, shapes, and characters they have made available a R2D2 Kite, Stormtrooper Kite, Yoda kite, and of course, a Darth Vader Kite. Celebrate your love for star wars this summer with an awesome Star Wars Kite!