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Welcome to ProKitesUSA.com, Americas Premier Online Kite Store.

Featuring a massive selection of over 1,000+ Kites For Sale hand chosen by our expert kite flyers, we are the largest kite store online and in the world. Our selection includes a wide variety of Stunt Kites and Single-Line Kites for flyers of any age or skill level. Our single line kite selection includes Diamond Kites, Easy Flyer Kites, Delta Kites, Box Kites, Penta Kites, Rokkaku Kites, as well as a variety of awesome looking 2D & 3D Kites. Our Stunt & Trick Kite selection inlcudes a wide array of kites for Beginner & Advanced Kite Flyers. Stunt Kites are really amazing becuase the Daul-Line Kites setup allows the kite flyer to control the direction and movement of the kite. Our selection also features a wide variety of styles and designs including beach theme kites, dragon kites, animal kites, and even Disney Frozen Kites! Our licensed kite selection, which primarily offers kites for kids, allows your little ones to see their favorite movie & TV characters soearing the the sky. All in all Pro Kites USA is one of the greatest Kite Shops in the world and we look forward to making your kite flying dreams come true.

We Are On A Mission To Bring The Joy of Kite Flying To The World!

Here at Pro Kites USA our mission is simple. We enjoy flying kites so much that we want to make sure everyone on this planet has the oppurtunity to be exposed to the simple joys of flying a kite. There is something special about letting the wind take control of a colorful peice of nylon fabric attached to a kite string and launching it high into the sky. This is proven by the fact that Kite flying has been around for hundreds of years, which you can read about in our History of Kites publication. The real joy of kite flying comes in a different form. Flying kites offers the oppurtunity for friends, family, and loved ones to step outside into the great outdoors, away from the cellphones, video games, and computers, and spend some quality time together in the sun. Besides the many health benefits of flying kites, we all know the most important things in life are friends and family, and anything that can help bring people together is simply a great thing.