Single Line Kites

Featuring over 1,000+ single line kites for all ages & skill levels, our kite selection is among the largest in the world. With kites ranging from "never flown a kite before" to "pro level competition flyer", we are guaranteed to have the exact kite for your needs. Ask us for help choosing the best kite for you!

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Single-Line Kites

Single line kites are the simplest types of kites available to fly. Unlike most stunt kites you only have 1 line attached to the kite. This allows you to easily launch and control your kite while its in the air. There are quite a few varieties of kite shapes and sizes that fall into the single-line kite category. Some of these kite types include Diamond Kites, Easy Flyer Kites, Delta kites, Parafoil Kites, Box Kites, and more. Single line kites are fun for all ages and skill levels, but for beginners it is highly recommended you start with a single line kite. Pro Kites USA stocks a huge selection of single line kites in all sizes, shapes, colors, and designs so you can be sure to find the perfect single line kite for your wants and needs. Take a moment and browse our selection of Single Line Kites listed above!