76" 3D Dragon Kite (Blue)

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#1 Best Seller Five Years In A Row!

Ready-To-Fly Certified
This kite is considered "Ready-To-Fly" meaning that this kite contains everything you need to fly this kite including kite, tails, winder, & kite line.
Incredible 3D Design:
3D kites are, by far, some of the most impressive kites you can buy. This kite is no different. Our 76" Dragon kite features a sturdy 3D design and combines that with vibrant blue, yellow, and orange graphics to provide a truly impressive kite with exceptional flying ability.
Easy To Assemble:
You can probably assemble this thing with your eyes closed.. Well.. maybe with one eye open, but seriously, its really easy to put together. Insert 2 rods and clip the line on and you are pretty much done. 
Easy To Fly:
Once you have the kite set up, you simply hold it out and let it go. It should effortlessly lift into the air. There is no struggling running or physical activity involved. Just make sure the wind speed is in the wind range, and this kite will float effortlessly into the sky.
High Quality Materials: 
Featuring ripstop nylon sail material and strong/flexible fiberglass rods, this kite will be around for a while. 
This Dragon Kite has been the top selling kite in our store 5 years in a row. It is also one of our favorites at Pro Kites USA. Featuring a huge 76" wingspan as well as a 76" body, I tell you, this kite is BIG. This well balanced kite is easy to assemble (2 rods) and even easier to fly. You throw this thing to the wind and immediately jumps effortlessly into the sky. Lets face it, Dragons are awesome and the blue/orange/yellow design on this kite really pops in the sky. Despite its large size, this kite has little pull. Both kids & adults can have a great time with this kite. Everything needed to fly this kite is included in the package and this kite is "ready to fly". 

Skill Level: Beginner
Kite Size: 76" W x 76" H
Wind Range: 7 to 20 MPH
Material: Fade/Weather Resistant Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass Rods
Includes: Kite Line and Line Winder.

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