64" Dragon Fantasy Flier Kite

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One of our most popular kites, the Fantasy Fliers Dragon kite. This kite is slightly smaller than our other 3D dragon kites, but still flies like a gem. This is a great kite for a day at the park or beach. Easy to set up, and easy to fly. I personally think the purple looks the most majestic of all the dragons. I also want to point out that due to slightly smaller size, it is a bit less expensive for same quality kite!

User Specifications
Skill Level: Beginner
Assembly: Easy
Age: 8 to Adult

Kite Specifications
Size: 64" W x 52" H
Wind Range: 7 to 18 MPH
Material: Nylon
Frame: Fiberglass Rods
Includes: Kite, Kite Line, Kite Tails, & Kite Winder.

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