Stunt Kite Buyers Guide

Welcome to the Stunt Kite Buyers Guide! This guide is currently under development. Our goal is to get all the information on here and then we will fine tune and make it pretty. Hope you enjoy and give us feedback!

Economy/Starter Sport Kites
Economy/starter stunt kites are primarily for new/young flyers. This kite is perfect for painting the sky. Moving left to right and up and down, this kite will get first time flyers used to the basics of maneuvering and controlling a stunt kite at an affordable price.

Entry-Level/Beginner Sport kites

These beginner kites are a step up from the economy sport kites. These come with a great focus on quality and durability. While still being affordable these kites come with upgraded line & handles, stronger spars, and beautiful fabric kite bags. There are some kites here that should be in economy price/wise, but quality is not economy!

Intermediate Sport Kites

These kites bridge the gap between entry-level and advanced. This is a perfect second kite. After you got your feet wet with a beginner kite, you want something that can do a little more. 

Advanced Sport Kites

All Around Sport Kites

Light-Wind Sport Kites

Quad-Line Sport Kites