Pro Kites USA is protected by the latest in Ecommerce Security Technology. 

Our eCommerce Platform

Our webiste runs in the BigCommerce eCommerce platform which strives to provide the best security practices in the industry. BigCommerce services the technology needs of over 75,000+ ecommerce stores on the web and ensures the the data of every single website is completely safe and secure. 

Our Checkout Process

The checkout process is the most important area of an eCommerce website as that is where the customer enters their payment information. Our checout is 100% secure using the latest SSL and PCI encryption technology. Our credit card processing service is Stripe which is the main providor of payment processing for hundreds of thousands of websites on the internet. They work with companies big and small to ensure accurate and secure payment processing for everyone. When Sony released "The Interview" movie on the internet, Stripe was their payment processor. To clarify, again, Stripe is a leading payment processor that uses the latest encryption practices to ensure your data is safe. During the payment processing by stripe your payment is processed and then your information is immediately removed from the system. Your CC information is never stored anywhere to ensure that noone ever has access to any of your information. 

You may read about Stripe Security Practices here.