KiteGuard/SpinGuard Warranty Program


What is Kite Guard/Spin Guard?

KiteGuard is a warranty program for your kites! Lets face it, sometimes parts go missing, kite crash into the ground, and things can break. KiteGuard is a warranty that can be purchased on individual kites that you purchase from us that will protect your kite in the of an accident or loss.

How does it work?

What is included in the KiteGuard/SpinGuard Warranty?

There are two main features of the KiteGuard/SpinGuard Warranty that ensure your entire kite is covered.

1. Free Parts Replacement - Lost a rubber fitting on the field? Snapped one of your fiberglass rods in half? Don't worry about it. If a part is replaceable, we will ship it directly to you free of charge. No cost of the item and no cost for shipping!

2. Total Loss Coverage - This is used when your kite is not repairable, or is completely gone. Whether your line snaps and your kite soars to far away lands, or your new puppy decides he likes to chew on kites, whatever the reason, we have your kite covered. In the event of a total loss of your kite, you will receive 50% off the same kite, or a store credit worth 50% of the original value of the kite to be used towards the purchase of another kite in the store.