Let's face the facts. Sometimes bad things happen. Be Protected.

A sport kite will smash into the ground during a ground level flyby, your diamond kite might drift a little to close to a tree, or a spar might snap during large wind gust. Even the pros deal with these issues.

Kite Protection provides simple and affordable damage warranty coverage for your kite purchase.

Here is how it works.

Free Replacement Parts

With your purchase of Kite Protection warranty plan, you will receive lifetime parts replacement on the kite. If a spar breaks, we will replace. You lose a rubber connector? We got you. If a part can be sent, we will send it. Free shipping. Free part. Completely Free of charge. Just send a pic of the issue to us.

Complete Damage Protection ( Total Loss Protection)

If you're insured by Kite Protection and have an major accident (ie. your kite gets permanently stuck in a tree), send Pro Kites USA a photograph of your broken, mangled, or tree born kite. We'll let you choose between the following options: 50% off the exact same item, or a credit worth 50% of the original value of your kite purchase to be used towards the purchase of a new item of equal or greater value (at the time of purchase). Anything we cant fix with a simple parts replacement will fall under this category.