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Frozen Kites

Official Disney Frozen Kites are IN-STOCK NOW - Limited Quatities Available! X-Kites went all out with their new Frozen Kites with 2 great looking designs featuring both of your Frozen favorites Elsa and Olaf. Both styles of kites are 57" tall and are constructed out of a special high quality durable nylon fabric which will help ensure your Frozen Kite is going to last a while. These Frozen Kites are extremely easy to assemble and you can have them up and flying in a few minutes. These kites feature an easy flyer design that will ensure children of any age are able to get the kite flying and keep it flying.

These Elsa & Olaf Frozen Kites are going quickly and are definitely going to sell out before spring. Get yours now while you still can!

Just because they're used to the ice doesn't mean yoou can't take the cast of the Disney Classic movie Frozen out for a fly. We're sure that Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are going to love the new adventure that tey're on this summer. Disney Frozen is a huge hit among everyone and now you'll be able to bring the film to life. You don't need to build a snowman in order to enjoy these kites, you can just build yourself one of our very simple kities to have fun with Olaf. Make sure to grab these amazing kites featuring the favorite characters from our officially licensed store and get out there and enjoy the weather. As long as it's not Frozen outside, you'll be able to fly these kites forever.