Updated: 8/11


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Thank you so much for your interest in flying kites. We are so thrilled to be able to provide you with the smallest of escapes from the crazy world we are living in. WE ARE OPEN and shipping orders every day of the week. Due to overwhelming demand, we have had to extend the shipping time-frame to better set expectations when placing your order. Below is current shipping information and thank you so much for supporting our small business. We are truly a small business we thank you for your patience and support!

Current Shipping Time: 1- 6 Business Days - Most orders are being shipped within 72 hours of being placed. Be aware it could take up to 6 days to ship your order.

If you have not received a tracking number by email after 7 days please let us know. If you have received a tracking number via email, that means we have absolutely shipped your order and delivered it to USPS. No question about it. They have it.

USPS DELAYS POSSIBLE: While most orders are being delivered on time, we have seen a small subset of orders take longer than expected to be delivered. The good news is that we are seeing these orders be delivered, but taking a little longer than expected. We are seeing orders go without scans for a number of days, then all of a sudden showing up at the door. Rest assured we will monitor and work with you until your order is fully received. 

** Our current policy regarding delayed orders is that if an order is not delivered within 30 days of shipment date, we will refund or reship your order. No Questions asked. 

CUSTOM SERVICE TIMEFRAME: We are currently getting through messages in 1-2 days. Be aware it could take 2 days to get to your message. Please avoid sending multiple duplicate messages or status messages. Every time the ticket is updated it moves to the back of the line. It makes it take longer for everyone, mostly you! I promise with all of my heart that we will get to you and answer any question or resolve any issue you have to your liking. We just want you to be happy, simple as that!

COVID-19 Response: New inventory is being wiped down. All recommended precautions are being taken. All orders are shipped in a tightly sealed plastic bag or box. We recommend opening your order outside of your home, and disposing of the outer packaging right away. 

PATIENCE: It is well known by now that delays are happening due to recent changes at USPS. We just ask for your patience during this time. We will make sure you are taken care of and get to experience the wonder of flying a kite!