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 UPDATED: 8/11

**We are experiencing extremely high volume right now. We are currently getting through messages in 1-2 days. Be aware it could take up to 2 days to answer your message. Please know that sending multiple/duplicate messages or messages asking for status can delay response. Every time the ticket is updated it moves to the back of the line. I promise that we will get to you and answer any question or resolve any issue you have to your liking. We just want you to be happy, simple as that!

USPS DELAYS POSSIBLE: While most orders are being delivered on time, we have seen a small subset of orders take longer than expected to be delivered. The good news is that we are seeing these orders be delivered, but taking a little longer than expected. We are seeing orders go without scans for a number of days, then all of a sudden showing up at the door. We are being told this is due to policies recently implemented by the new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy that are designed to purposely slow down the mail.

We are encouraging any customers that are experiencing delays to call your government representatives and senators and tell them you would like your mail delivered in a timely manner. The actions of the new Postmaster General are going to put small businesses like our own out of business if things are not fixed soon. If you need help finding your government representatives, let us know, and we will get their contact information for you.

** Our current policy regarding delayed orders is that if an order is not delivered within 30 days of shipment date, we will refund or reship your order. Just let us know. If you are experiencing a delivery delay, it is not something we can control once we deliver the package to USPS. If you are upset about delayed deliveries we suggest taking action and calling your senators and representatives in government. 


If you have any other questions or have any issues with your order please use the form below and we will get to you as soon as we possibly can!