60" Red Raptor Osprey Sport Kite

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The red raptor osprey stunt kite is the beginners best friend. The kite comes with everything you need to get started including kite, line, straps, and a nice fabric kite bag. Kite is easy to assemble even for a first timer and directions are included. 

Performance: The Red Raptor Stunt Kite was one of the first stunt kites I ever tried and is still one of my top favorites today. This stunt kite is very responsive in the air and is able to perform sharp turns and tricks with a slight tug of your line. By far the best thing about this kite is that it is DURABLE. I have slammed this thing into the ground full speed on many different occasions and has never needed repair. The quality you get with this kite for the price is a fantastic value and you will have this kite for many years to come.


Size (W X L): 60 x 26.5 in. / 152 x 67 cm.
Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Nylon
Frame: Tubular Fiberglass
Weight: 6.4 oz. / 182 gm.
Kite Line: Includes 100 lb. Test Low Stretch Polyester Line with Flying Straps

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