54" 3D SuperSize Butterfly Kite

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Amazingly Colorful 3D Butterfly Kite!


Ready-To-Fly Certified
This kite is considered "Ready-To-Fly" meaning that this kite contains everything you need to fly this kite including kite, tails, winder, & kite line. 
Incredible 3D Design:
3D kites are some of the most impressive kites you can buy. This 3D Butterfly kite is no different. Featuring a 3D body with colorful wings that extend from its body. These wings complete the shape of the butterfly and also allow it to really fly!
Easy To Assemble:
This kite can be assembled easily in just a few minutes. Connect a few rods to a center point in the kite, clip on the line, and you are ready to go. These kites in particular are specifically made to be impressive kites that are super easy to assemble. 
Easy To Fly:
Once you have the kite set up, you simply hold it out and let it go. It should effortlessly lift into the air. There is no struggling running or physical activity involved. Just make sure the wind speed is in the wind range, and this kite will float effortlessly into the sky.
High Quality Materials: 
Featuring ripstop nylon sail material and strong/flexible fiberglass rods. A strong center connector holds everything together and provides distributed support for the kite during flight.
This 3D butterfly kite really is a charmer. Its large profile and vibrant colors really make it stand out int he sky. The easy assembly & the easy clip on kite line are really the cherry on top. If dragons are not your thing, this 3D butterfly kite is an amazing option to impress family, friends, and onlookers.

SuperSize 3-D

Size: 54.5" W x 40" H

Sail Material: Nylon

Airframe: FIberglass

Age Rating: 8 to Adult

Wind Range: 7-18 MPH

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