30" Rainbow Diamond Kite

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Diamond Kites
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Single-Line Kites
8-12 Years

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Our Most Simple & Classic Kite. 

The Rainbow Diamond Kite

Ready-To-Fly Certified
This kite is considered "Ready-To-Fly" meaning that this kite contains everything you need to fly this kite including kite, tails, winder, & kite line.
Classic Design with modern stability:
This Classic Rainbow Diamond kite is truly one of a kind kite. An absolutely beautiful representation of a traditional diamond kite featuring a full 30" rainbow design. Each panel of this kite has been expertly cut and stitched to ensure maximum durability and longevity. Classic wooden dowels have been replaced with strong and flexible fiberglass rods to ensure the kites structure and integrity for years to come. The included kite tails keep the kite stabilized during flight for an extremely smooth and enjoyable kite flying experience. This kite also comes with a kite bag for easy storage. 
Easy To Assemble:
It doesn't get any more simple than this. You have to insert 1 rod into the reinforced pockets horizontally across the kite, attach the kite line to the kite, and you are ready to fly. One single rod is all you have to handle. 30 seconds and you are ready to go. 
Easy To Fly:
Our rainbow diamond kite is intended to be flown by kite flyers of all ages and is extremely easy to fly. Once you are set up you simply toss it into the air and it will go! A 2 person launch is always easiest, but this kite can also be launched effortlessly by a single flyer. 
High Quality Materials: 
Featuring durable ripstop nylon sail material with each color of the kite being individually sewn together, each kite is expertly stitched for maximum strength. Strong/flexible fiberglass rods ensure the structure of the kite. 
Size: 30" W x 30" H
Wind Range: 6 to 20 MPH
Material: Weather/Fade Resistant Ripstop Fabric
Frame: Fiberglass Rods

Includes: (3) 12' color coordinating fabric tails. Kite line with handle and kite bag included.

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