23" Butterfly Coloring Kite W/ Crayons

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This kite is absolutely perfect activity for kids. This kite is a coloring kite and comes with everything needed to color and fly. (Including crayons!) This fun project will keep the kiddos occupied for some time while they decorate their very own kites. Once they are done you can take them out and really fly them and watch your designs fly through the sky!

This kite comes with everything needed and is considered READY TO FLY.

Size (W X L): 23 x 15 in. / 140 x 211 cm.
Wind Range: 5 ~ 18 mph
Fabric: Ripstop Fabric
Frame: Fiberglass Rods
Includes: Kite Winder, Kite Line, Kite Tails, Crayons, & Kite Bag.

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